Baby Root Canal

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When it comes to baby root canals, there is a wealth of information you can find with a simple web search. However, we’ve compiled the essential pieces of knowledge here for your convenience. At Children’s Dentistry of Rome, we’re here to help you learn the basics of how baby root canals work and signs that can indicate if this procedure is necessary for your child.

A baby root canal procedure is very similar to a standard root canal procedure, and the differences between the two mainly come from the small size of baby teeth.

Generally, the procedure for a baby root canal involves identifying and removing damaged nerves in a tooth and the pulp tissue. Lengthwise, this procedure can take as little as 30 minutes or last up to 90 minutes. The length primarily depends on the amount of work necessary to successfully repair the damaged tooth and how many teeth require treatment.

Upon removal of the damaged nerves and pulp tissue, the area of the tooth receiving treatment undergoes a cleaning process to keep out infection before sealing the hole from the procedure. Many people have concerns about the chances of a child’s tooth returning to its normal state after having the procedure, but with the help of the crown, the restoration process will return the tooth to normal with time.

A root canal on baby teeth is not a first or second-resort procedure. It’s almost always a last resort, as there are other ways to repair baby teeth that do not involve baby root canal treatment. When a child’s tooth is not repairable through various forms of dental fillings, root canal treatment for baby teeth is worth considering.

Sometimes, in cases where a child’s tooth suffers from severe damage, the only other option, aside from a baby root canal pulpotomy, is removing the tooth entirely. Tooth extraction does cost less money, but it also comes with its pros and cons you should consider before doing it.

Signs To Contact A Dentist Near You For Baby Root Canal:

  • A decaying or broken tooth.
  • Discolored fluids and pus coming from a tooth.
  • Pain and general discomfort in a particular tooth.
  • A gradually darkening tooth.
  • Flare-ups around the gum of a tooth.

These signs do not entirely confirm that a child’s tooth needs a baby root canal, but they are good signs to look for regardless, as they may indicate something is wrong with a child’s tooth, mainly if more than one of them occurs at the same time.

If your child is showing any signs of discomfort, don’t wait. Call Children’s Dentistry of Rome at (706) 291-2550 and schedule an appointment with the best dentist in Rome, GA, for baby root canals and child dental services.