Pediatric Dentist Rome

Dental x-rays are necessary for people of all ages, especially children, to get ahead of their dental care. Our dental office is the perfect practice for children as young as toddlers and up to 18 years old. We provide everything from child dental x-rays to cleanings, cavity fillings, and more to keep your kids’ teeth in excellent health.

It’s normal to have questions about the process for your child’s dental x-ray. While the dentist will examine your child’s teeth upon arrival, there’s only so much information they can gather from a physical exam.

Baby dental x-rays allow us to see more of your child’s tooth health. X-rays can find cavities, diagnose diseases, and look for emerging teeth. Since your kid is still growing, getting a better idea of their dental hygiene can ensure they’re taking proper care of their teeth as they eventually grow their adult teeth.

As your baby has teeth coming in, you’ll need to consider x-rays. We recommend that you start baby dental x-rays at two years old. After the initial x-ray appointment, you can get your toddler set up to have one done every 12 to 24 months. This will allow us to see if there will be any history of tooth decay and gain an overall picture of how your baby’s teeth are coming in.

There are different types of dental X-rays, such as Bitewing, Panoramic, and Occlusal. Bitewing is used for specific areas of the mouth to be shown and typically allows a dentist to see if there is any sign of decay. We use panoramic X-rays to see your child’s entire mouth for an overview of their dental hygiene and health. Occlusal X-rays show us a child’s bite alignment as it pictures the arch of one’s teeth. For baby dental x-rays, we use bitewing or panoramic X-rays.

When making your child their appointment, it’s natural to wonder how much it will cost. How much it will cost will greatly depend on your insurance. We accept insurance through Medicaid, PeachCare, PeachState, WellCare, and AmeriGroup. If you’re currently not insured, we’re still going to take care of your child. We also accept cash, checks, and most major credit cards.

Make an appointment for your child by calling our office at (706) 291-2550. Our clinic prioritizes kids’ needs and will do our best to make their dental experience fun and a positive one.